Everybody knows the little water sprout fountains in parks and gardens. But there are also professional water sprout fountain solutions, that can be remote controlled and integrated in complete multimedia and light shows: These systems have variable pump solutions, that can be controlled by DMX and thus can easily be integrated in the whole show.

Water sprout fountains consist of a line, circle or other shape of nozzles in certain distances to each other, which are attached to the main water supply that comes from the pump. Depending on the pump strength and the nozzle size it is possible to create complete water walls from bottom upwards or slightly dense water effects that lasers can project on.
Video projections on water sprout fountains usually make no sense, whereas lasers can generate astonishing effects.

Water jets, are used to extend outdoor scenes in height and to attract the spectators to look up. Especially in multimedia shows this effect sometimes is used to enable the stage crew to change settings in the lower front area whilst people are looking at the water fountains.
Water fountain effects can perfectly be combined with lasers:

As they generate a lot of spray, the laser beams can be easily visualized in a certain area. They can also emphase the water column by projecting patterns or color elements onto it.
A special jet nozzle together with a strong pump generate the water fountain effect. The possible maximum height of the fountain depends on the diametre and shape of the jet nozzle as well as on the power of the pump.


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