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Go one step further with our multimedia laser shows. Coordinate your existing show with your individual designed laser show, where you can interact with the show laser light beams, graphics and animations.
You can push and pull single beams, move graphics from one side to another, dance in a projected video that grows and zooms to your commands, possibilities are nearly limitless.
Hold a white circle in your hand. It transforms into a globe. It grows and grows till it gets too big and the performer has to push it away.

Dancing with laser lights

Every kind of dance needs creativity and emotions - just like our laser shows. So they are the perfect addition to your existing dance shows. From classical ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, modern & jazz dance, tap dance, classical dance, latin dance, musical dance, hip hop dance, aerobic, breakdance, zumba, and so on: for every kind of dance with offer the right solution or stick to your wishes. Emphasize your emotional art with visual effects like laser beams, graphics, water screens, fire, haze and pyrotechnics.

Laserworld event and show laser service team consists only of well-trained employees and qualified partners who will guarantee your individual desgined laser show to become an unforgettable event.
Logistics, set up and even operation - we will take care of your wishes!

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