There's no event like a sporting event: gushing emotions, roaring ovations, team spirit and togetherness - all combined in several hours of pure sporting passion. Football, basketball, ice hockey, racing, boxing, olympics, etc., our Laserworld event and show laser service team provides just the right mood with our show laser lights, graphics and animations.

Project your club logo into the sky at the beginning of the torunament. Design individual animated sponsoring advertisment during your competition. And for the half time show you could add some spice with fire effects and pyrotechnics.

Beams, graphics and animations are just a few options which can be realized with show laser light. Why not turn your figure skating or dance performance into a unique laser light dance where the athletes interact with the laser show and become part of it.


Laserworld's experienced employees work together with long-term partners on high standard and create individual laser shows just for you and your demands. Your sporting event will resonate into the future no matter the result. Furthermore we ensure a trouble-free transaction of logistic and contruction - and even operation, if you will.

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