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Product Recall #Z-1538-2013:
Class II Product Recall for the Model(s) Laserworld (only products bought between July 2008 and June 2012): Piko RGB, Nano RGB, PL-4000RGB, Laserworld Pro7000RGB, Laserworld EL-60G, EL-40G DMX, EL-80G DMX, EL-100G G & DMX, EL-100B, EL-150RGY, EL-200LED, EL-200S DMX, EL-250RBV, EL-350RGY, EL-400RG, EL-400RGY, DJ-150G, DJ-D200G, DJ-250RGY, CS-150G, CS-250RGY.

For information and instructions please contact:

FDA/CDRH Correspondent
Francis Oliviera

Laserworld offers a multitude of different show laser systems. Starting from the very low powered range to extreme specifications with over 100W power Laserworld offers solutions for different kinds of applications.
To comply with U.S. law and the FDA regulations Laserworld specifies the warning label per laser class on this page. These warning labels show the specific regulatory that apply for the corresponding laser system in the very laser class.

Class 3R Entertainment Laser


Class 3B Entertainment Laser


Class 4 Entertainment Laser


If used in a wrong way, lasers can be dangerous!
So please handle with care.

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