Hydro or water shields work the other way round than a water screen:
They are generated from the bottom upwards.
Water shields consist of the shield element and an extremely strong pump. As the effect spreads up quite wide, it is used in large water basins only - artificial or natural (like lakes, rivers etc.).

water shield1

Water shieldsare perfect surfaces to project large scale video and laser images on. As they can spread up to 70m width (depending on the model type), they are used for large scale multimedia shows. The advantage of water shields over solid projection surfaces is the ability to suddenly emerge on a stage or scene and disappear the same speed. The surface refracts the light in a way that a 3D-like effect arises.

water shield2

Hydro shields create a rather flat projection surface made of water. The shape of this screen is a half circle and is generated from the bottom upwards. It is created with a special 180° flat nozzle together with a very strong pump system. This kind of projection screen requires a permanent water source, and usually the nozzle element is placed in a lake or larger water basin. Hydro Shields are used for comibations of video and laser projections and are used with rear projection in most cases. Most of the huge multimedia shows use Hydro Shields as projection surfaces.

water shield5
The huge advantage of these kind of projection surfaces is the variability: Hydro Shields can appear and disappear within seconds, whereas most common normal screens take much longer to move.
Diameters of up to 50m are possible with Hydro Shields, which makes them also suitable for large scale applications.

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