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There's no event like a sporting event: gushing emotions, roaring ovations, team spirit and togetherness - all combined in several hours of pure sporting passion. Football, basketball, ice hockey, racing, boxing, olympics, etc., our Laserworld event and show laser service team provides just the right mood with our show laser lights, graphics and animations.

Project your club logo into the sky at the beginning of the torunament. Design individual animated sponsoring advertisment during your competition. And for the half time show you could add some spice with fire effects and pyrotechnics.

Beams, graphics and animations are just a few options which can be realized with show laser light. Why not turn your figure skating or dance performance into a unique laser light dance where the athletes interact with the laser show and become part of it.


Laserworld's experienced employees work together with long-term partners on high standard and create individual laser shows just for you and your demands. Your sporting event will resonate into the future no matter the result. Furthermore we ensure a trouble-free transaction of logistic and contruction - and even operation, if you will.

Surprise your fans and visitors with this special highlight and contact us for further information:

"Awesome!" "Legendary!" "Amazing!"
Never heard something like that from your audience? Then you should finally start using an individual staged laser show which fits to your theme.

  • 80s Party
  • Bad Tase Party
  • Techno Party
  • Halloween Party
  • House Party
  • Hip Hop Party
  • Theme Party
  • Salsa Party
  • Reggae Party
  • Club Party
  • Indoor/Outdoor Party
  • Indie Party
  • Goa Party
  • Electro Party
  • Bollywood Party
  • Birthday Party

We will match your laser show perfectly to your existing live DJ. He'll be able to change the live laser show himself after he's instructed by our trained employees. Or you choose a timeline-based laser show which will play the whole evening without the need of further operations.
Additional usage of fire, haze, water and pyrotechnics will transform your event into a breathtaking experience.

Contruction, design, set up and even operation - leave it to us! We at Laserworld will be glad to help you with your individual designed laser show - live or preset.

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While indoor laser show are already very amazing to look at, you should enjoy the memorable experience of an outdoor laser show at least for one time in your life.
Weddings, anniversaries, open air muscials and festivals, birthdays, product presentations, openings - the applications are nearly limitless. Outdoor laser shows will fit to every occasion and are always an impressive event for your audience.

Project the laser beams, graphics or animation down hill over a wide area, over a lake or directly onto the sky. Laser light is visible over many miles and can produce many beautiful and strong colors. But outdoor laser shows not only work in the dark, our show laser light systems are also visible in the daytime. It is possible to create graphics and animations on building walls, outdoor screens and even natural rocks and mountains.

For presentation of your company building or if you want to make your neighbours jealous, then we suggest our 3D-mapping. This means the show laser light beams are individually cut onto the outlines of your property. You can even project pattern with laser graphics and animations on the outline of the windows and doors.

Our Laserworld event and show laser special team is specialized in the field of laser show light and will be glad to answer every question regarding this topic and will discuss with you the individual possibilities of your laser show. Production, design, construcion, set up and even operation - if you will - we will take care so you can lean back and enjoy the show.

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Big stage shows, gigs, classic concerts, festivals, opera and musicals aren't just about the music. With an impressive visual attraction you'll provoke additional emotions within your audience - another reason to remember your concert and recommend it to friends.

The further the crowd sits away from the action the more difficult it will be to reach their attention. A great way to avoid this phenomenon and let your audience feel like they are part of your show, is to use show laser light.

Our Laserworld event and show laser service offers this amazing visual effect on a global and secure base. Together with fire, haze, water screens, pyrotechnics you can create an even more impressive wow-effect.

Our specialized employees are trained to design your individual laser show reagrding your wishes. We will take care of transport, set up, and even operation of the laser light equipment if you will.

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special eventWhenever you want your audience to experience a day/night to remember you should decide to offer them an individual designed laser show. Laserworld event and show laser service provides a huge range of options to install laser shows: Fashion shows, car presentation, boat launch, castle festivals, product presentations, amusement parks funfair and laying the foundation stone and many more are possible.

Create a unique fashion show with our help and amaze your customers with an amazing laser show. Project logo and combine the laser light beams with haze, water, fire and pyrotechnics to impress the audience even more. Arouse positive emotions when you present your new product and make the presentation remarkable.
Why not integrate the star of the event - your product - into the laser show by using 3D-mapping and project the laser light beams directly onto the outline of your product.

Our Laserworld event and laser show team will design your individual laser show especially for your needs. Qualified employees and long-term partners work together on a high professional level and use only Laserworld, SwissLas and RTI laser light systems. Transport, construction, set up and even operation - please ask us for further details:

dancemultimedia spaagnum bildkunst web

Go one step further with our multimedia laser shows. Coordinate your existing show with your individual designed laser show, where you can interact with the show laser light beams, graphics and animations.
You can push and pull single beams, move graphics from one side to another, dance in a projected video that grows and zooms to your commands, possibilities are nearly limitless.
Hold a white circle in your hand. It transforms into a globe. It grows and grows till it gets too big and the performer has to push it away.

Dancing with laser lights

Every kind of dance needs creativity and emotions - just like our laser shows. So they are the perfect addition to your existing dance shows. From classical ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, modern & jazz dance, tap dance, classical dance, latin dance, musical dance, hip hop dance, aerobic, breakdance, zumba, and so on: for every kind of dance with offer the right solution or stick to your wishes. Emphasize your emotional art with visual effects like laser beams, graphics, water screens, fire, haze and pyrotechnics.

Laserworld event and show laser service team consists only of well-trained employees and qualified partners who will guarantee your individual desgined laser show to become an unforgettable event.
Logistics, set up and even operation - we will take care of your wishes!

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Your employees work hard every day, so why not thank them for their loyality, service, endurance and ambition? A special solution to raise the motivation and celebrate the work of your appointees at once is an individual laser show.

Surprise your personnel with an astounding laser show during your company celebration, as opener or final highlight to let them go home with a big smile. No more monotonous PowerPoint presentations to present your company history - no you'll surprise everybody with a multimedia laser show. It is even possible to show data and persons in a breathtaking way. Graphics, beams, pictures and videos combined to a fascinating laser show. Additional effects like water, fire, haze or pyrotechnics can be added for even more punch and an extra wow-effect.

Long-term partnerships together with our trained staff offer a worldwide all-around service. Construct, transport, set up, operation. Don't worry - we will take care of everything. Lean back and enjoy our work.

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opening webIt's always a special occasion to open a club, shopping mall, boutique, shop, department store, sport club, gym, airport, restaurants or pub, so you want it to become a positive and stunning experience for interested visitors and future customers.
You can tax your brain how to create a remarkable opening show or you simply contact Laserworld to implement your ideas in an emotional laser show.
Our event and laser show service team provides show laser lights and additional components for your special event. We even take care of the operation, if you will.

Imagine you will open a new gym:
Our show laser lights provide the possibility to present the focus of your trainers by projecting names, functions and even training videos onto your gym front. Our special trained employees will develop your thoughts, design your individual laser show and put it into operation.

Laserworld offers to take over all tasks so you can enjoy your important day. But you are free to just hire our laser lights and do everything else for yourself. Just let us know how you choose by contacting us:

jubilee webLaserworld - your celebration in good hands.
Company, factory or service anniversary, silver or golden wedding celebration, your big events need a special happening to become unique. Order a customized laser show to enchant your guests and make sure your party will be remembered.

Imagine you are now married for 50 years and want to tour back in an interesting journey through nostaligc pictures and videos. Start with the day you met each other, your first kiss, your first child, and all the other firsts you discovered while your long-time relationship. All of this can be built into an individual laser show with graphics, beams and animations.
You can even add haze, water screens, fire effects, pyrotechnics and other elements to spice up your anniversary.

Whether you have experience in creating laser shows or not - we will help you to enjoy this special day! Whether live laser show with our professional operators or a timeline based laser show without the need of further operation - it's completely up to your choice. Our well-trained employees will take care of your wishes and design an individual laser show just for you! Lean back and enjoy the show with your guests.

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Everyone wants their wedding day (and night) to become a remarkable event - with one of our individual laser shows we will guarantee a day you'll never forget.

Our event and laser show service offers the perfect solution for your perfect marriage. Laserworld provides your wedding with a unique laser show that your guests have never seen before. A laser show especially designed for you with all your needs and desires.

Whether you demand an outdoor or indoor laser show, in daylight or in the nighttime, during the ceremony or for the wedding dinner, we will grant your wishes.

You like your wedding dance to be matchless? Choose us to create a laser show for your first dance as bride and groom. Prance between your unique laser show in front of one of a water screen with thousands of sparkling laser beam diamonds. Take your guests into an enchanting world of thousand and one nights. Thanks to the additional use of water, fire, haze and / or pyrotechnics, your individual designed laser show will become even more awe-inspiring

Only our best employees will work on the design of your individual wedding laser show. Prefectly staged fascination, scene and construction is our virtue. Long-term partnerships with award-winnig companies and the usage of Laserworld, SwissLas and RTI only laser light systems assure you made the right decision in choosing Laserworld.
All our laser shows can rapidly be arranged worldwide.

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birthdayHappy Birthday! - Laserworld got a special gift for you and your guests:
An individual laser show particularly designed for your wishes. An extraordinairy present you will never forget. Take the chance to light up your birthday party or book one of our laser shows as a surprise gift.

The birthday boy is a passionate race driver? Graphics and animations like a racing car, race tracks, or a pit babe for the 18th birthday will ensure that this laser show will fit perfectly to your imagination. More interested in fashion? No problem, the possible effects are nearly endless. Graphics like dresses, shoes, handbags, cocktail glasses, diamonds can be created with an original model within few minutes.
Animated graphics are no difficulty either. E.g. a football player who kicks a field goal or a kissing couple can be integrated into your individual laser show. You think of it and we will implement it!

Even if you don't have any previous knowledge of show laser light - don't worry - our Laserworld event and show laser service team will set up a timeline based laser show without the need of further operation.
If you need any help, don't hesitate to aks our experienced and well trained employees. They'll take care of construction, transport, set up and even operation of your laser light show, if you will.

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