While indoor laser show are already very amazing to look at, you should enjoy the memorable experience of an outdoor laser show at least for one time in your life.
Weddings, anniversaries, open air muscials and festivals, birthdays, product presentations, openings - the applications are nearly limitless. Outdoor laser shows will fit to every occasion and are always an impressive event for your audience.

Project the laser beams, graphics or animation down hill over a wide area, over a lake or directly onto the sky. Laser light is visible over many miles and can produce many beautiful and strong colors. But outdoor laser shows not only work in the dark, our show laser light systems are also visible in the daytime. It is possible to create graphics and animations on building walls, outdoor screens and even natural rocks and mountains.

For presentation of your company building or if you want to make your neighbours jealous, then we suggest our 3D-mapping. This means the show laser light beams are individually cut onto the outlines of your property. You can even project pattern with laser graphics and animations on the outline of the windows and doors.

Our Laserworld event and show laser special team is specialized in the field of laser show light and will be glad to answer every question regarding this topic and will discuss with you the individual possibilities of your laser show. Production, design, construcion, set up and even operation - if you will - we will take care so you can lean back and enjoy the show.

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