special eventWhenever you want your audience to experience a day/night to remember you should decide to offer them an individual designed laser show. Laserworld event and show laser service provides a huge range of options to install laser shows: Fashion shows, car presentation, boat launch, castle festivals, product presentations, amusement parks funfair and laying the foundation stone and many more are possible.

Create a unique fashion show with our help and amaze your customers with an amazing laser show. Project logo and combine the laser light beams with haze, water, fire and pyrotechnics to impress the audience even more. Arouse positive emotions when you present your new product and make the presentation remarkable.
Why not integrate the star of the event - your product - into the laser show by using 3D-mapping and project the laser light beams directly onto the outline of your product.

Our Laserworld event and laser show team will design your individual laser show especially for your needs. Qualified employees and long-term partners work together on a high professional level and use only Laserworld, SwissLas and RTI laser light systems. Transport, construction, set up and even operation - please ask us for further details:

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