What is a laser show

The term „laser show“ can be used in different ways. On the one hand it stands for the laser light itself. On the other hand a laser show describes the whole laser light system with all its components when used for entertainment purposes.

Timeline and live laser show

Basically, two types of entertainment laser shows will be distinguished: The timeline based and the live laser show.
While a timeline based laser show is a fully programmed laser light show where all effects are preset, the live show depends mostly on a light operator who sets all parameters live on stage and thus can adapt the laser show within seconds.

Projection and beam show

There is another difference between two kinds of laser shows: The projection and the beam show.
For a projection laser show, laser images and laser animations are displayed on different projection surfaces (e.g. fog screens).
In contrast, for a beam laser show the laser beams are projected in the direction of the viewer. Together with generated haze, scale patterns or lines are created, that extendextend from their starting point at the laser projector towards the viewer.
With water screens the result is a mixture of both effects.

Many appliactions of laser shows

Laser shows offer amazing and memorable effects for a great vary of venues. They can be applied indoor and outdoor, in small and large locations, by professionals and hobbyists, are able to create single and multicolor beams, animations, patterns and texts, and all that on different surfaces like buildings, mountains, water or smokescreens and many more. You can even expand laser shows with additional effects just as synchronized music, fireworks and videos. The combinations are limitless and thus impressive multimedia shows can be created for all kind of audiences.

Laser shows from Laserworld

If you are looking for that extra punch for your next party, anniversary, product introduction, grand opening, art show, award ceremony or sporting event, you are just at the right place:
Laserworld provides turnkey solutions particularly customized for your venue – no matter which type or show application! Check out our detailed information about laser show events, laser show projection types and our previous laser shows throughout the United States.

Laser light sources

For the visibility of show laser lights low power will suffice. Laser light diodes (semiconductor technology)and DPSS laser lights are used most often as laser sources. In the past gas laser lights were also applied. Though they do not take part in event industry nowadays.

The diode laser light source consists of multiple diodes are combined to a diode array module via knife edge combination. The disadvantage of diode laser lights is their worse divergence with higher power levels.

Diode-pumped solid-state laser lights are mostly used for creating green laser light with a wavelength of 532 nm. It became apparent that red and blue DPSS laser lights are too expensive and unreliable.


Basically you'll just need a laser light and a projection medium - either a surface or a particle in the air. Via a scanner (or galvanometer) the laser beam will be deflected horizontally and vertically in a very fast way to create a picture. For show purposes the possibilities are nearly limitless and can be rather komplex.


For a secure handling of laser projections it is necessary to comply with legal regulations in your state. Always consider the protection of your audience first.
Our show laser lights are mostly grouped in laser classes 3b and 4. These can be very dangerous for eyes and skin if used incorrectly. Laser lights from Laserworld are FDA checked and all of our employees are skilled in professional and secure handling of our show laser lights.

Area of application

Laser shows can be used for every kind of event to increase emotions - whether it's a small presentation with 100 customers or a big fair with 100,000 visitors. The spectrum of possibilities is very impressive thanks to the flexible laser light technology. It doesn't matter if you want to create a glowing advertising pillar or a gigantic space battle.
Unfortunately, laser light sabers like in Star Wars aren't possible (yet) as light always needs a limiting medium to shine on. But for everything else Laserworld is just the right partner for your needs.

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