CT-6215H Scanner Upgrade for RTI PIKO / ANGO / Tripan

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Quick Overview

Scanner Upgrade (RayScan) for selected laser light systems of the RTI PIKO, ANGO and Tripan Series

CT-6215H Scanner Upgrade for RTI PIKO / ANGO / Tripan

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RTI developed high end scanner system with fast scan speed for great projections. This scanner system is suitable for a multitude of professional applications.

>60kpps @ 8° ILDA standard
Maximum deflection angle of 80° (@30kpps)
Step response time (2° opt. step): 0.13msec

This scanner upgrade is only available for the following laser light systems: RTI PIKO RGB 8, RTI PIKO RGB 14, RTI PIKO RGB 18, RTI ANGO G20, RTI ANGO O15, RTI NANO 3 RGB 5 Tripan, RTI NANO 3 RGB 6 TripanRE (at initial purchase).

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ray Technologies
Scanner: CT-6215H (RayScan HP); >60kpps @ 8° ILDA standard
Scan Angle max.: 80*