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HB-Laser LC-851 RGB 3

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Quick Overview

The HB-Laser LC-851 RGB 3 IP 68 is a RGB white light laser in an absolutely waterproof housing according to IP68. It is solely equipped with diodes and has a typical output power of 3'200mW.

HB-Laser LC-851 RGB 3

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The HB-Laser LC-851 RGB 3 IP68 has a maximal output power of 3'200mW and a guaranteed output power of 2'600mW.

The LC-851 Series is a permanently submergible all-weather outdoor solution. Its absolutely waterproof IP 68 housing is especially designed for outdoor events - even in combination with water and at bad conditions. The whole projector can even be submerged. It is suitable for fixed installations as well as for mobile use.

This RGB white light show laser is a pure diode device with a very good beam quality, modulation and a linear color fading. Furthermore it is equipped with the fast Apollo ScannerMax scanning system, which enables a scan angle of up to 60° and a scan speed of 45kpps@8°.

The laser light projector comes with an external electrical cabinet for all electronics and connections. Back-panel with independant integrated linearization for all colors and additional switches for rotating or mirroring the projection.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HB-Laser
Guaranteed power at aperture: 2'600mW
Power Red: 650mW / 638nm
Power Green: 800mW / 520nm
Power Blue: 1'400mW / 450nm
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 3mm / 0.8mrad
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA
Scanner: Apollo ScannerMax scanning system; ca. 45kpps@8°
Scan Angle max.: 60°
Accessories: ILDA Interlock Connector, Safety Unit pro
Power Supply: 110V - 220V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: <1'000W
Dimensions: 14.6 / 12.6 / 8.7 in (11.9 / 11.9 / 8.7 electrical cabinet)
Weight: 39.7 lbs + 33.1 lbs (electrical cabinet)