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RTI NANO 6 RYGCB 35R - Ex Rental Unit - Only 4 units left!

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High Professional All Taipan OPSL system - only 400 working hours. Ex rental system.

RTI NANO 6 RYGCB 35R - Ex Rental Unit - Only 4 units left!


The RTI NANO 6 RYGCB 35R is a multicolor laser system with up to 34,5W.

The RTI NANO All Taipan systems are a great choice for many high end applications worldwide - in entertainment as well as in advertisement and installation business. The AT products provide a highly accurate beam: Equipped with high end Coherent Taipan laser modules, the units have an excellent beam shape, color balance and divergence. Due to super fast 90kpps CT-6210HP SE scanners with advanced RTI drivers, these units are suitable for really every possible event. Colors and color balance are kept stable by exact and highly accurate temperature control. This makes the units perfect for high end applications.

With versatile, detachable remote control pad for color and scanner settings.

This unit comes in professional PELI case.

Completely serviced, full working ex-rental stock units in very good shape. Each laser is measured and still provides a measured output after optics of at least 22 Watt RYGCB. Below values are current output levels that will be at least achieved! QC power report will be attached to each device.

Ex rental unit with approx. 600 working hours. 8 months working time.

Financing: "in-house" up to 3 months without extra costs, on request up to 6 months possible. Flexible in mutliple, equal rates or with the first rate in 90 days! Also possible with external financing, extra costs possible!

Warranty terms according to our General Terms and Conditions.

Only 4 units left!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ray Technologies
Guaranteed power at aperture: 22.000mW
Power Red: 3.000mW / 639nm
Power Yellow: 5.500mW / 577nm
Power Green: 8.500mW / 530nm
Power Cyan: 4.500mW / 488nm
Power Blue: 2.000mW / 460nm
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 2.8mm / <0.9mrad
Laser Sources: Coherent Taipan OPSL
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA
Scanner: CT-6210HP SE 90kpps@4° 60kpps@8°
Scan Angle max.: 80° max
Accessories: detachable remote control pad, PeliCase
Power Supply: 85-250V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1000 W
Dimensions: 531/385/205 mm
Weight: 32 kg