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Warranty Case Return

Whilst we pride ourselves on the quality of Laserworld products, we are also aware that any electronic products can develop problems. If you do need to return a product under warranty then please read the following notes carefully to guarantee a smooth and efficient return of your Laserworld product.

  • This return service is ONLY for customers that have purchased products directly from Laserworld and have an account with us. If you are having problems with one of our products but you did not purchase the product directly from us, then please contact your supplier of the item.
  • Pack the item(s) (including all accessories) in a suitable box.
  • Please note that our products are extremely sensitive. Adequate packaging and shock proof foam packaging can prevent damages and ensure any warranty claim is preserved. We are not responsible for any damages that occur in transit and your courier will want proof of adequate packaging for any claim that you may need to make.
  • Please send a copy of the original Laserworld invoice with the item.
  • Save the returns form below and fill in the marked fields
  • Please descripe the errors as precise as possible
  • Attach a copy of the completed returns form (download below) inside the package (the address is on the top of the returns form).
  • Use one returns form per device.
  • Please contact us before shipping any very large parcels of equipment.
customer return service

Returns form

For returns from the United States of America and Canada,  please use the following returns form:

icon pdf download Download Returns Form here

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Your Laserworld AG Team

Laserworld offers a multitude of different show laser systems. Starting from the very low powered range to extreme specifications with over 100W power Laserworld offers solutions for different kinds of applications.
To comply with U.S. law and the FDA regulations Laserworld specifies the warning label per laser class on this page. These warning labels show the specific regulatory that apply for the corresponding laser system in the very laser class.

Class 3R Entertainment Laser


Class 3B Entertainment Laser


Class 4 Entertainment Laser


If used in a wrong way, lasers can be dangerous!
So please handle with care.


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